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Need to Sell or Lease your MHC Membership Share? 
Listed below are your options

In order to be eligible for Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3 your Membership Share must be in good standing. Our bylaws indicate that In Good Standing is a condition enjoyed by a Member who has paid all dues and special payments, as required, by 15 March, or who has paid all dues, special payments, as required, and a penalty fee after 15 March. Being a shareholder of MHC, annual dues payments are payable by each Shareholder until such time as their Certificate of Membership is sold.

Option 1. Selling your Certificate of Membership* i.e. your share:
If you’re wanting to sell your membership you will need to let us know in an official email to our Membership Chair (, your Certificate of Membership will be added to the list of Certificates to be sold. Annual dues payments are payable by each Shareholder until such time as their Certificate of Membership is sold.

Option 2. Leasing to another:
While you’re waiting for your Certificate of Membership to be sold, you can also request that your Certificate be placed on the list to lease for the season. What this means is that you (the Shareholder) will not pay annual dues for the current year your share is being leased out, instead the person leasing your certificate will be taking on that responsibility for the year that they are leasing. Your share will be used/leased for one year then placed back on the list to possibly lease or sell the next year.  

Option 3. Private Sale:
You can choose to sell your Certificate of Membership privately to a person wishing to join MHC as a full Shareholder, the price set is between you and the buyer. The purchaser would then go on our website here and pay the Transfer fee, Annual dues (prorated if applicable), and processing fee.

*Each full Shareholder was required when joining the purchase of a certificate of share. When a Shareholder decides to stop being a Shareholder this amount will be refunded less the administrative fee upon the sale of their certificate of share by Mansion House Club. 

If the Shareholder decides to sell their share in a private sale on their own, the buyer is responsible for the $55 online transfer fee involved in the sale of the certificate of share. The Shareholder upon selling the share to another will not receive any certificate of share money from Mansion House Club since it was a private transaction.  


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