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2023 Dive Season Registration COMING SOON!

 The MHC Dive Team is looking forward to another great season of diving, competing for our 11th year in NVSL.  

MHC DIVE TEAM REGISTRATION - Registration is open! In-person payment can be made at the first dive practices if need be, MHC prefers all payments to be made online when you register.  

TRY IT OUT FOR A WEEK - Once a safety waiver has been signed, your diver can ‘try-out’ the dive team for one week before registration is required.  The Piranhas Dive Team welcomes new members, so please come on out!  We’ve had children as young as four on the team, so don’t let age be an issue - the younger they start, the better! Our dive team philosophy is to become the best divers we can, to demonstrate good sportsmanship & team spirit, and to have a fun & safe summer. Safety waivers are available here, and paper copies will be at practices.

Practice schedule: 
May 30 - June 10/ M-F (5-7 pm)
June 13 - July 21 M-F (9-11 am)
Two (2) groups, 1 hour each, early timeslot ages 5-12, and the later timeslot ages 13-18 remaining flexible if one group is too large.

Meet Schedule COMING SOON:
Our Dive Team calendar is posted on the pool bulletin board and is also online.

If you have a conflict, come to as much of the practice as you are able, regardless of age. Once the dual meets start, Tuesday practices become our team warm-ups right before Tuesday evening meets which are at 6pm.  On Wednesday mornings after a meet, we celebrate with a Fun Day & Team breakfast (tentative at this time).  

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS - We need volunteers to run a Dive Meet!   MHC provides two or three Judges to rate each dive on a scale of one to ten, and Table Workers to record scores after each dive and then add up the diver’s score. Finally, Concessions (TBD) workers feed our hungry divers and raise funds to subsidize our team.  There are NVSL clinics scheduled to teach you everything you need to know.  The current years NVSL clinic dates are posted online and on the bulletin board.  Training is free and no pre-registration is necessary.

Please contact the MHC Dive Team Rep,

Important Information:
*Quiet Swim during dive meets: The pool will be open for lap swimming only. The baby pool will be closed. The diving well and the grounds on either side of the diving well will also be closed for spectators. The divers need quiet in order to focus on their dives. We ask that adults stay with their children during this time to assist them in keeping their voices down. Please be respectful of the divers. Thank you.

Dive Team Contacts & Important Links

Dive Team Contacts:

MHC Dive Rep: MacKenzie

Year Round Diving 

Where may my diver continue once the summer dive season ends?

Check out our MHC dive team head coach Tim Fisher’s Alexandria Dive Club at

Alexandria Dive Club is a year round competitive program that offers novice through Masters classes in a safe and energetic learning environment with lots of fun for every skill level.

With over 20 years of diving and coaching experience including AAU, US diving, High School and NVSL, ADC is big enough to compete on a National level but small enough to know each and every diver enrolled. The coaching staff is truly passionate about the sport of diving.

ADC focuses on solid fundamentals and proper execution of skill progressions. They also teach: Sportsmanship, Winning Attitude, Goal Setting, and Mental Preparation. ADC uses spotting rigs over trampolines and 1 & 3 meter diving boards which is a belt system used to train more complicated dives with confidence. ADC also has an indoor and outdoor dryland facility with spotting rigs over a trampoline.

So if your diver wants to continue diving once our summer season ends, ADC has a class for you. Classes run year-round in eight-week sessions with five sessions offered from September to August. Registration is easily accessible on the ADC website.

Please contact Tim Fisher with any questions at or 571-274-1973.


9321 Old Mount Vernon Road,
Alexandria, VA 22309

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(703) 780-6485

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