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2022 Annual CRAB FEAST! (21+ only please)

  • July 16, 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • MHC 9231 Old Mount Vernon, Alexandria


  • Use this registration if you are a MHC Member and purchasing for yourself, your household who are members and your guests. Everyone beyond the main registrant will be added as a "guest" at $65 per ticket.
  • USE this registration if you are a Non MHC Member and would like to purchase a ticket for yourself and other Non Member Guests.

    You will be asked to enter the MHC Sponsor i.e. name of the MHC Member you are attending the event with within the registration.

Registration is closed

You’re Invited to



SATURDAY, July 16th

 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Pre-Register and pay via Credit, Debit Card, or check. See below for other ways of paying.
Please RSVP & Pay by Friday, July 15th

(21+ Only)

General Information:

We highly encourage all reservations to be made online via our online registration system. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. This really helps to make our events much easier to manage and for you the member to be keep informed of any updates/changes that may occur!


We are allowing payment by Venmo for this event only. Please use Venmo account @mansionhouseclub to make payment and do the following: In the memo area type the full first and last name of each person that is attending, and what the payment is for. MHC uses the Venmo account for other things, and it's not tied to our registration system. Once we receive your payment we will manually have to register you for the event and email you your payment receipt. If we do not see what the payment is for you may not be registered for the crab feast.
You can also pay by check or cash. Register online and upon checkout select 'Invoice me'. Payment must be brought up to the pool (DO NOT MAIL IT) in an envelope marked 'Crab Feast' on it, please have inside a copy of the invoice or a way to let us know who you are and that you have registered online, given the envelope to the front desk. Once received it will be manually processed and you will be emailed a payment receipt. The preferred way of paying is online via credit or debit card (remember a debit card is the same as writing a check). Thank you

What if I have to cancel my reservation? IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW!
100% of your registration fee is refundable if you cancel prior to the RSVP date listed above. AFTER the RSVP date has past, money cannot be refunded. Please email the MHC WebAdmin immediately upon finding out that you have to cancel your reservation. Thank you.


9321 Old Mount Vernon Road,
Alexandria, VA 22309

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